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            Dongguan Ace-Tec Co., Ltd.

            2014 newest 3D Anti-Cellulite Body Roller

            Personal Care Appliances
            2014 newest 3D Anti-Cellulite Body Roller

              Offer Type: Sell

              Offer Category: Personal Care Appliances  -  Massager

              Offer Post Time: 2014-01-23

              Serial Code:

              Model: SR-12B


              Carriage: FOB Shenzhen

              Package: Packaging & Delivery
              Packaging Details: With PE bag, blister&n

              Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Piece

              Price: 0.00 USD


              Strong twisting and massaging on body for a more fit body figure and more firm and up-lifting face.


              Product Features:

              1. Strong while soft enoug silicon teeth shape rollers, deeply grasp your muscle and rotate at very high frequency to break fat tissues underneath.

              2. Metal Gear box, pretty quite during usage, pleasant for usage feeling.

              3. Soft hand-belt provides comfortable usage.

              4. Durable design and high quality materials to provide reliable quality, over 200 hours running test, to protect and build your high brand image.

              5. Universal charger, fit for worldwide usage, covering 100-240V, 50-60Hz.



              1. Main case: ABS

              2. Wheel: Silicon for outer ring and special nylon to make sure no break at big force of massaging

              3.Unit weight: around 310g, size: 137(L) x 85 (W) x 85 (H)

              4.2 settings: Low and High

              5. Power: AC adaptor

              6. Product details: 214x100x204mm

              7. Package :@8pcs/5.5gs/6.5kgs/426*415*235mm