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    Dongguan Ace-Tec Co., Ltd.

    2014 newest electric body massage as seen on tv

    Personal Care Appliances
    2014 newest electric body massage as seen on tv

      Offer Type: Sell

      Offer Category: Personal Care Appliances  -  Massager

      Offer Post Time: 2014-01-23

      Serial Code:

      Model: SR-12A


      Carriage: FOB Shenzhen

      Package: Packaging & Delivery
      Packaging Details: Individual gift box 

      Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 Piece

      Price: 0.00 USD


      Strong rolling and massaging on body for a more fit body figure


      Efficiency, safety and reliability achieved by follows:


      * Strong Silicon wheel. No fly at ridges and soft enough, comfortable and no hurt to human while strong enough.

      * AC adaptor with very durable cable, lasting over 6,000 times hard twisting, no broken.

      * Quality gear box and motor used, to guarantee life-time over 200 hours. If 30 minutes usage per day, it guarantee minumum of 1 year usage.




      1. Unit weight: around 230g, size: 126x95x82mm

      2. Material: ABS for main unit

      3. Settings: Low and High 

      4. Power: Universal adaptor, fit for 10-240V, 50-60Hz