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    Dongguan Ace-Tec Co., Ltd.

    Company Introduction

    Vigor Electronics Manufactory was established by the Taiwanese company Vega Technologies Inc. In 1997. Our company specializes in the development of an extensive range of personal care appliances, including digital thermometers, nebulizers, facial massagers and more, all of which are manufactured in line with ISO9001 a...


    Patent Sonic Facial Brush With Rotation Face Lift Head
    Derma Spa Electric Facial Cleaning Massager
    Waterproof Micro Dermabrasion Massager
    2014 newest professional skin care formula Micro Dermabrasion Massager
    2014 newest auto mts remove melanin Super Clean Electric Bath Brush and face massage equipment
    2014 new product Dry-battery Pimple Treatment, Acne Treatment + 100% QC checked
    DC Photon Infrared collagen red led light therapy professional
    2014 newest Medical CE approvaled Red Blue Green LED Light Therapy System for Acne Wrinkles and Hype
    2014 newest Mini Electric Vibration anti-wrinkle eye massager
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